A kiruv organization lend me a camera to record some shiurim for them. I ask a bachur yeshiva to help me with the filming, after the task he upload the recording to his private Torah Youtube channel. I kindly reprimind him to doing so. He answered me that the kiruv org wouln’t mind after all he is spreading eords of Torah. Who is right? (I’m ashemed to ask the org if they really minded)


If the kiruv organization is known to not publicize the shiurim for free, but rather to sell the rights for viewing, it would seem he should not have taken them without permission. Although it would seem logical that they would allow him private use in exchange for his efforts on their behalf, this should be clarified. If however they have no business or intent to sell or market the shiurim, we can assume that they would have no problem with him saving for his personal viewing.

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