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Food Left Under a Bed

Food that was under a bed double wrap can it be eaten or it needs to be thrown out?


Food left wrapped under a bed does not need to be thrown out and may be used. While one should not leave food there ideally, as is codified by Shulchan Aruch [Y:D 116:5], after the fact it is permissible. This is because of the opinions that the entire halacha was never intended to prohibit the food after the fact. In addition the opinion of the Rambam  is that this halacha is not due to Ruach Raah [as implied by the Gemara Bavli] but because something may fall inside, in which case a covering would suffice. The Sefer Hissorerus Hatushuva writes that a double seal is sufficient even to keep out Ruach Raah. If the food item is insignificant and easily replacable it would be commendable but not required to discard of it.

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