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Kirva to Arayos

yichud with a pnuya is assur even if she is tehora. My question is, is kiruv basar included in the issur of yichud or is it mutar (E.g. hugging a cousin who is tehora) and would there be a difference between a ktana or a gdola? Thank you.


Kiruv basar is not included in the issur of yichud per say, but rather is it’s own prohibition. Even with a pnuya tehora we are concerned kirva will cause hirhurim and michshol.  A ktana falls under this prohibition from the time her body begins to resemble that of a women, usually about age 8 -9. In any event any child of age [11 – 12] is presumed to be a niddah in which case kirva is prohibited min haTorah, and falls under אבזרייהו דעריות for which the rule is יהרג ואל יעבור.

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