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Meaty Pot Used with Butter

While mashing potatoes in a fleshing pot butter was accidentally put in . Can the pot be kashered ? Or does it need to be thrown away.


If the pot and potatoes were cold during the process, the pot merely needs to be cleaned out well and can be used normally. If the potatoes were still very hot [to the extent one couldn’t keep a hand on them because of their heat] it would depend how much potatoes and butter there were. If a tiny amount of butter got thoroughly mixed in to the potatoes which were 60 times the butter, the butter would be considered nullified. If not, or if the butter came into contact with the pot itself, the pot should be left unused for 24 hours and then it can be kasheres through hagalah [immersing it in another pot of boiling water or boiling water in it using a hot stone to cause the water to flow over the sides].

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