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Pricing Merchandise

Our Company manufactures window furnishings. We sell to the domestic and commercial sectors whereby we manufacture, supply & install the furnishings as well. We also sell to other companies who then on sell the product and install it themselves.

Being that each window is different dimensions, the furnishings are custom made. There are also different qualities of fabrics and components available, though most times the customer is not necessarily aware of this. There is no real SET price in the ‘market’ for our product. We can sell a window blind for $100 whilst our competitors may sell the same blind for $200 or $50. Obviously no one will be able to sell the same blind for $1,000 or $10,000 because no one would buy it for those prices.

My question is:
1) does ONOA apply to our business,
2) if so, could you please advise what are the appropriate guidelines of ONOA in our type business.

Thank you!


Prices within the normal market range, as you describe, are no problem of Onaah.

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