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Visiting Cemetery on Yortzeit

I understand it is good to visit the deceased keverim of family members on the day of the yahrtzeit. If by chance a person missed the opportunity to do so on the yahrtzeit, is it advisable from a halachic standpoint to visit the kever when possible following the yahrtzeit? If so, is it better to go before Rosh Chodesh etc? Non-Halachically speaking is there an issue with going to the kever? Thanks in advance for your help!


The custom to visit the kever on the day of the yortzei is an ancient one, mentioned by Rashi in Yevamos 122a. Often it is not possible for various reasons to visit on the day of the yortzeit, such as Shabbos and Yom Tov. When that it the case one should visit whenever possible, in proximity to the yortzeit.

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