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This Shavuos falls out on Saturday night and if we are to eat dairy on the first day of Shavuos and at night, how is this done? If one eats fleishig all throughout Shabbos and at our Shalosh Sueda, may a person eat the first dairy meal by day on Sunday which will be first day of Yom Tov? Or is it fine to have our dairy meal during the day (on Sunday) and Fleishig at night? I know about the minhag to eat dairy first and then fleishig after at the same meal but I would want to do this properly and not to make any mistakes. Is it more of a beracha to do this or is eating milchig at one meal and fleishig at another meal also fine. Also is eating dairy important to do the first day of Shavuot or is the second day fine also?

Thank you so much Rabbi for your help and I want to always do the right thing


There are many varied ways which the minhag to eat dairy on Shavuos is fulfilled, each being a valid approach. Eating one meal dairy and one meat is fine. If your dairy meal will be on the second day of Yom Tov, on the first day you can fulfill the minhag by eating dairy at some time in the day before or after the meal.

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