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Watering Plants on Shviis

For the past twenty years I have cared for the small garden areas in my street. These areas are planted with trees, shrubs and small plants. I have watered the gardens outside my house by hand minimally since the start of Shmitta. Some plants are now dead because of insufficient water. It is now somewhat of a burden to carry the water from my house to the gardens and I would like the local authority to turn on the automatic watering system for minimal watering to avoid more plants dying.

Is there any Halachic reason why I should not request the local council to do this now?


Minimal watering to prevent plants from dying is permissible during Sheviis. Using an automated system may actually be preferable as you are not doing the watering with your own hands. The local council should be advised to limit the watering to what is vital for the plant.

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