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The Prohibition of Baal Teshaksu

What falls under the lav of Bal Teshaksu? is it only holding yourself back from relieving yourself?


Baal Tishaksu is not limited to holding back from relieving, but rather includes any form of repulsive behavior. Examples given by Chazal are enumerated in the Tur Y:D at the end of siman 116.They include: eating food that contains feces or vomit, or eating out of vessels dirty with the above. Eating with filthy hands is also mentioned there. The poskim in Y:D 84 also mention this with regard to eating bugs that are permissible according to halacha, if one is disgusted by them there is still a prohibition of bal teshaksu.


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  1. Other than specific examples mentioned by Chazal, what is the general rule for this issur? Does it depend on the person, or does it go by the general populace?

    1. Something considered repulsive by the general populace would be forbidden even if one doesn’t find it repulsive. On the other hand something repulsive to a person alone would be Baal Teshaksu even if others don’t find it repulsive.

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