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Wine Poured by Non Jew

My wife had made a Chocolate Mousse for desert for Sedus Purim . She asked me to add some more wine either the same or another .The lady who helps with the children and whos father is Jewish took the same wine my wife used and added some more as i was in another part of the house .

My wife cant say for certain which of the 2 pourings of wine was the bigger .The one she poured or the helpers .Also the mousse was 60 times the size of wine .

Besides I was not sure we could eat the mousse because i have learnt that wine used for avodah zorah and later extended to touching outside of bottles by non jews will become treif even up to 1000.

My wife rang a friend whos husband is a mashgiach and he said the guests could eat it but not me or my wife .

He said the reason is that there is an opinion you can rely on and also that my parents and family were the guests.

I decided not to serve the mousse to anyone.But afterwards i thought that would have been better that i serve food which has an authority to rely on rather than nothing and then maybe after the meal they will go to and buy a treif ice cream . .

Did i do the right thing ?Also the fact that the wine is mixed with the same wine make a difference ?


Wine poured by a non Jew into a food other than wine is nullified when the food is 60 times it’s amount. Even when it is mixed into other wine there is room for leniency in certain cases being that in our day and age we assume non Jews are not worshiping idols.

Hence the mousse was permitted for consumption, both by you and by your guests.

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  1. Wasn’t the Shoiel referring to the Remo in YD 124 in which it says that now days since it’s not preper Avoida Zara, unless the non Jew touches the wine proper (not just the bottle), it’s as if he didn’t know he touched it and therefore mutar (at least bedieved-Dagul Mervovo, or Lechatchila – Lehoros noson)?

    1. perhaps, i don’t think the shoel was sure himself, just wanted to know the halacha. either way this heter is not relied on unless there is significant loss involved, which would be questionable in this scenario. the heter of bitul however may be relied upon.

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