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Blood After Relations

Dear Rabbi,

After marital relations I was cleaning myself in the bathroom and noticed some light pink on the tissue paper. It is possible that is was more than a gris. Never having encountered such a thing before my reaction was to flush the paper away. I’m not sure what to do. Does this make my wife niddah?


If blood was found on the אבר  itself, this would make your wife  niddah, even an amount less than a gris, as this would have the same status as a bedika cloth. However we must clarify the issue of the color. Was the lighting in the bathroom a yellow light? Was the toilet paper white or colored? Is there anything else this could be attributed to: color from a towel, bed sheet, garment, makeup or anything else. If it was in fact red she would be a nidah, if she felt pain in that area perhaps she has a wound. If this is clarified by a nurse she would not be a nidah as the blood could be attributed to the wound.

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