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Shabbos Bris and Chilul Shabbos

I am a Mohel and its too late to call my rov. People had a baby on shabbos. They live in manhattan on the 14th floor of a high rise.
If they perform the bris there will be Massive chilul shabbos. Parents would drive from westchester, brothers and sisters all would drive to NY and use the elevator.
I told them they should find a mohelto perform a private bris in the apt. and have a big party on sunday.
mother told me she will have a nervous breakdown.She sounds very stressed out and is crying. Is there any hetter to do it on sunday on the 9th day. I have never done something like this before and am not happy to agree to them.


The bris should be performed on the 8th day. Everything should be done to minimize chilul Shabbos: inviting less people, asking people to come for the entire Shabbos and so on. Ultimately the parents responsibility is to give their child a bris in the right time, and they are not responsible for other people’s chilul Shabbos.

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