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Tevila for Ceramic

Should one tovel a ceramic knife or scissor ? With a bracha ?


The mitzva of Tevilas Keilim applies only to metals and glass. Ceramics then would be exempt. However because ceramic vessels usually have a glass like coating many Poskim require tevila l’chumra. This would be done without a bracha.

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  1. Does a metal frying pan with a non-stick ceramic interior (where the food contacts) require toveling?
    Thank you!

    1. being that the non stick interior is a thin protective layer, it should still be considered a metal pan and should be toiveled, without a bracha

  2. We bought a ceramic vegetable peeler which does not seem to have any metal or glass layer. Does it require revila lechumra??

    1. many are tovel ceramic as a chumra, a peeler is also a matter of debate whether it requires tevila, so in this case you would be exempt,
      nevertheless it would be praiseworthy to be tovel if it is not a tircha for you

  3. I am not sure you have a proper understanding of what a ceramic blade is

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