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Answering Kaddish During Pesukei Dzimra

Dear Rabbi,
I was just wondering f there any restrictions to answering Kaddish during Pesukeh De’zimra? I have seen something cited in the name of the Ben Ish Hai that one should only answer Amen to the first five responses of Kaddish, through to “Da’amiran Be’alma.”. What do you suggest?


Most Halachic Authorities allow answering all Amens during Psukei Dzimra, in cluding Sefardi poskim, namely Kaf Hachaim 51:21, Chida Avodas Hakodesh and others. The Ben Ish Chai Parshas Vayigash 10 does in fact limit this as you noted and writes not to answer Amen at the end of Kaddish. One who consistently follows the rulings of the Ben Ish Chai in all matters should follow this as well. Otherwise one may answer all Amens as is the majority opinion.

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