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Singing During Davening

Did Rav Akiva Eiger prohibit singing during Davening before Shemoneh esrei? Are there sources in halachah for prohibiting singing during Davening? I am told that in the yeshiva in Novardhok, singing was not permitted during Davening.

Thank you


Singing melodies for select portions of Davening is an age old minhag, practiced on some level by every kehilla in Klal Yisrael. Sefer Tehillim is full of reference to song and prayer going hand in hand. While it is well known that the litvishe custom was always to limit singing during tefilla I am not aware of any source prohibiting this practice. The Chasam Sofer and others prohibited introducing instruments into the shul davening as this was  a way of being simiar to non Jewish services.

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