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Understanding Ben Yomo

I don’t want to bother you if this is too difficult, but could you explain the concept of ben yomo? I just asked a question and the answer was based on it not being ben yomo but I don’t know the reasoning behind the concept.


In a ‘nutshell’ the idea is as follows, Chazal tell us that after a 24 hour period [according to the accepted opinion] all of the flavor of food which is absorbed in side a kli becomes spoiled [“pagum”] to the point where it loses it’s halachic status of food level flavor. So when a “pagum” fleishig spoon gets put in to a coffee, the spoon doesn’t effect the coffee. However, the spoon becomes non kosher as it absorbs food level dairy flavor. Hence, when both vessels are pagum and the food itself is parve, all flavor coming out of the vessels is insignificant and doesn’t render any problem to the food or vessel.

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