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I am asking this question on behalf of my father

My father has been buying a product from the USA and selling it in the UK ,middle east and SA for 15 years .there has been no exclusivity documentation signed but there has been email conversation and a acknowledgment that my father has a right to sell the product and at one stage he was the only person who was representing them in these parts . the company has now after 15 years told my father he can no longer sell the product ,they have given him 2 months (which is his only parnosa) and given it over to another distributor
so question is
al pi halocha does my father have a claim against this company for so many years of service just to drop him like that
2nd they use to charge him interest on money owed .My father had to except otherwise they would not supply him
can he claim that money back alpi halocho


As long as there is no breach of contract, the company retains the right to replace one distributor with another.

If it was a Jewish company, presumably they are relying on a heter iska or on the fact that they are a corporation, either of which would circumvent the ribbis issue.

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