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Questionable Damages

About two weeks ago I parked my car to my house, and while locking it a boy approached me. He was carrying a remote toy car along with a steering wheel setup. He said that seconds before I ran over the car crushing it. He claimed that I was responsible for paying the replacement cost.

At no time did I see the boy nor the toy car in the street. I did not feel an unusable bump.

I spoke with his mother who told me that this toy was a gift and had a price tag of 135 shekels on it.

Please advise as to my Halachic obligations in this matter.


If you were driving in a place meant only for cars i.e. the street, you have no responsibility for the damage to the toy car as it had no right to be there. If it was in a place common for kids to play i.e. a parking lot, it would be your responsibility if you in fact did the damage. Although strictly speaking without witnesses there is no obligation to pay, if you are impressed that the child is telling the truth and it seems that way from the car, it would  be the proper practice to provide compensation.

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