I accidentally poured cold milk into hot coffee in a new china fleishig cup. Can the cup be reclaimed?


If the cup was never used for hot fleishig, the milk would at worst make the cup possibly milchig. It may be used for pareve [tea and the like] even with a fleishig meal or after eating fleishig.

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3 Responses to “Milk in Meaty China Cup”

  1. Lichoireh the cup is lechol hayoiser an iruy keili rishoin
    Isn’t it a nat bar nat

    • The hot coffee is actually a kli sheni, the iruy here is the cold milk. Generally the custom is to be stringent and assume that a hot kli sheni can cause blios. This is not considered nat bar nat, as we are assuming the heated milk will go straight in to the cup.

  2. You are correct
    I got confused since one pours the hot water from a kettle in the cup but once it is in the cup it turns in a keili sheini
    Thank you

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