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Surrogate Mother

I know someone who lost their womb unfortunately during childbirth, however they still have their ovaries.
Is there any halachlicly valid way for this couple to still have more children through a Jewish/or non-Jewish surrogate mother to carry a child for them.
I know that this is a serious question which needs to be addressed by a rabbi on a one to one discussion and decision – I would just like to find out the direction and options before I approach someone.


Yes, a serious question indeed. There are poskim who permit such procedures in extenuating circumstances. The status of the child remains a halachic doubt, which means if the surrogate mother is not Jewish the child would need conversion l’chumra. If the mother is Jewish we must treat the child as a child of the surrogate mother as well, and hence the child a sibling to her kids etc. [with regards to the child not marrying a forbidden relative].

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