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Birth Control

hi this is a tahoros mishpacha question. my wife and i just had our first child and are about to commence zayin nekyin. we are both sure we want to use birth contraceptive pills for at least a year while we are getting used to our new baby and the business that comes with it.furthermore our pregnancy doctor (goyish) has recommended to take as this is better for nursing and coping etc .i dont have a rabbi especially to ask such shailas/heters so as a rabbi we are looking for that heter to take for a year. if i were to be face to face with a gadol we would still be adamant we want to be on them especially as we are both young and studying so even if the rabbis wouldnt know me the situation would not be different. im looking just to formally ask and then receive this heter for a year from a qualified rav. thank you very much


Generally using contraceptive pills for a year after birth is an acceptable practice. This time is often needed for physical and emotional recovery, for the health of mother and child. After a year a Rav should be consulted should you wish to continue using contraceptives.

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