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Reciting Kidduch Twice

My husband would like to make kiddush for my housebound mother on Shabbos night on his way home from schul. (She’s unable to make it alone.) He doesn’t want to be “Yotzei” because he wants to include himself in the Kiddush he will make at home for the whole family. Is this halachically possible or is he automatically yotzei? Thank you very much for your help! Yashir Koich!


Even if he would be yotzei the first time he would still be able to make kiddush for the rest of the family when he arrives home. Practically he is probably not yotzei as he does not have kiddush bmakom seuda, as he does not eat bread or mezonos after reciting kiddush. As such he would be obligated in kiddush and fully able to exempt his family through his kiddush.

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  1. Is the mikadesh obligated to drink from the kos?
    if yes, how much is he required to drink?

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