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Turkey Splash on Coffee Maker

In cooking turkey on the stove top, a small splash went up and hit the exterior of a parve carafe sitting in a parve coffee maker sitting near the stove. What should I do about the carafe? Is it now treif? Can it be kashered?


After 24 hours from the splash the carafe may be used normally.


A splash which comes from an adjacent pot is usually “nifsal hakiluach” which means the liquid detached from the turkey pot before it hit the coffee pot. It is questionable if such a splash can in fact absorb into another cold pot. Generally we are stringent, but here it was a small amount and on contact did not in fact name anything treif as the pot was parve. The concern is the transfer from the pot to a coffee which may then be mixed with milk. This would be a secondary taste which in all likelihood will be nullified by the coffee 60 times it’s volume in the carafe. In addition carafes are usually glass which are questionable if they absorbs taste at all


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