If I have a pot which hasn’t been used in over a year but is fleishik, I wanted to know if there is any way to kasher it so it can be pareve. If not, does anything I cook in it automatically become fleishik (even if I only use it for pareve foods)? Or can I just not mix dairy in the pot itself…?



In order to remove the fleishig stauts  you should do hagalah on the pot, immersing it in a boiling pot of water. If it is to big you can boil water in it until it boils over, using a heated rock to cause it to spill over the rim.

Even before the hagalah, any food cooked in the pot remains pareve.

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2 Responses to “Unused Fleishig Pot”

  1. Thanks!
    Does the same apply to a frying pan in regards to food cooked in it remaining pareve even if the pan itself is technically fleishig?

    • yes

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