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Kohein at Funeral Home

I have a question about a funeral home. This particular funeral home has an exterior permanent awning/roof that extends from 1 exterior wall. The wall of the building may be 20 ft tall (where its roof stops) and this add on awning/roof starts perhaps
8-10 ft from the ground. It extends outward away from the main building about 5-6 ft. I have read your guide for Taharas HaKohanim & it is not clear as to whether standing under that
awning/roof is allowed for a Kohane during a funeral.

Thank You & Regards


If there are no windows or other means of bringing the tumas meis under the awning, it is fine. However, one must be aware that there may be other ways that tumas meis spreads there (such as under pipes, airconditioners, people, boxes etc.). Tumas meis does not go through walls.


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