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Torah from Sinai

When Moses received the Torah at Sinai, did he receive the Torah from Sinai until his death or is that revealed to him as time went on? Was only the Torah and oral law received at Sinai, or were the other books such as Joshua, Judges, etc also received at Sinai?


The Talmud in Menachos 30a records a dispute with regards the last 8 verses of the Torah which describe the death of Moses. One opinion is that Moses in fact wrote it in tears, another opinion is that Joshua completed these last 8 verses.

The Talmud Yerushalmi Peah 2:6 writes that in fact all of the Torah was given at Sinai, even what a student will think of on his own hundreds and thousands of years later. This indicates that on some level Moses was given the totality of the entire Torah.

To the rest of the nation however, the rest of the Bible from Joshua and on, were only written and transmitted to the people as they occurred over the course of history.

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