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Artificial Insemination While Nida

Is a woman permitted to undergo artificial insemination while she is still a nida? If she does, and a pregnancy results, is there any implications for the child?


A woman may undergo this procedure when she is a nida, the child is unaffected by this.


See Bach Y:D 195, sv. vlo yashav, Ta”z Y:D 195 s”k 7, who bring the opinion of the Semak that there is no issue of a ben nida unless there is prohibited relations with a niddah. Artificial Insemination which does not include any prohibited relations does not give any status of ben nida. This is the opinion of igros Moshe E:H 2:18 and of Yabia Omer vol. 2 E:H 1.

cf. Shu”t Maharsham 3:268, Shevet Halevi 4:97, who rule that one should avoid A.I. when a woman is a nida.


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