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Swimming During 9 Days

Being That there is no Shevua shechal bo this year, would it be permissible for me, being that I am divorced and living by myself and I am going through a lot of mental stress, but it be permissible for me to go to Tiberius and spend a little time in the water to be able to relax.
Thank you


The leniency of Shavua shechal bo is applicable to Sefardim. Ashkenazim accept the stringency of bathing from the begining of the month. The bathing which was forbidden was pleasure bathing. If this is actually a means of healing and dealing with real mental anguish, it could be argued that this is not included in the prohibition. This is a fine line however and should be asked of a Rav you know personally who can determine the situation accurately. Certainly you should attempt other forms of relaxation if possible.


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