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Yichud with Maid

If I am at home alone with maid, and I know that my mother will be out at least for half hour, is that a problem of yichud? Does it help to unlock the door? What if it the same situation but i am home with either my brother or father? What about a six year old sister? Thank You


If you are alone with the maid there is a prohibition of Yichud. Unlocking the door is questioable and should not ideally be relied upon. If the door is left open that would be sufficient.

If you are with your brother or father, there is no prohibition of Yichud.

A six year old girl is also sufficient to take care of the yichud issue.

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  1. Can you please provide a source for this? Where do we see a concept of mishmarto besides for ishto mishmarto?

    1. the heter with 2 males is the mishna in kidushin 80b, E:H 22:5 in Rama

      the heter of a child is the gemara there 81b, E:H 22:10 at the end of the seif

  2. I commented on this a while ago. I’m not sure where the comment ever went. I was wondering how the heter of two males would help for Sephardim being as the mechaber paskens like the rambam that everyone nowadays is a parutz? Thanks

    1. many sefardi poskim are lenient like the opinion of the Rama:
      kneses hagedola , hagahos hatur s”k 4 in name of sheiris yehuda
      ben ish chai , parshas shoftim 7-8
      chida in shaar yosef siman 4
      shu”t nechpeh bkesef 2-11

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