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Moving Fan on Shabbos

Is a fan or a shabbos light, “kli shemlachtoh lissur” and therefore could be move “legufoh or mekomo”. If it is, should one be strigent and not move it since it it a “kli shemlachtoh lissur” that does”t have a permissable use on shabbos?


It is questionable if a fan is muktzeh at all, once it is on, it’s use is to blow air which involves no issur [once it was turned on before shabbos]. Kli Shemilachto Lissur is something that it’s use involves issur, not turning it on in order to use it. Some are stringent and nevertheless consider this melachto lissur. Even they would agree that since it’s main use is heter [to sit in front of it and cool off] it would certainly be  melachto lissur vheter, and hence permissible to move ltzorech gufo and mekomo.


Igros Moshe 3:49, 5:23.  Shmiras Shabbos  Khilchasa 20:15, 13 footnote 134, Shu”t Minchas Asher 1:33, 2:35

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