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Non Kosher Wine as Gift

Can I buy non-kosher wine as a gift for a gentile?


Yes, there is no longer concern that it will be used for Avoda Zara [unless it is known to you], and is therefore permitted.

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  1. Why isn’t there a problem with oiseh sechoiro bidevorim hoasurim?

    1. see Y:D 117 at end of siman, isur drabanan has no issur schora
      see shacch there sk 14 that stam yayin should be worse because of issur hanah
      see however Y:D 123:1 rama that bzman hazeh there is no issur hanah maikar hadin
      thr rama there brins mekilim to do sechora with stam yayin, see there pischei tshuva 2 that the custom is to be lenient in this regard
      even acc to the machmirim there it would seem for a present one could be maikel

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