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Tevilah Without Relations

The dr said it takes ten days for the birth control to work and my wife had a c section and is not aloud to become pregnant. My wife made a hefsed Tahara and will be able go to the Mikva before the ten days from when she started the birth Control. So my question is, is she aloud to go to the Mikva if we can’t have relations. And if she can’t go to the Mikva does she have to continue making badikas or can she put on colored underwear until she can go to the Mikva.
Thank you waiting to hear from u


There are varying opinions with regards to tevilla without relations. Ultimately the question is if there is a concern of wasted seed. If this can be controlled the tevilla would be permitted.

A woman who completes her 7 clean days, does not need to continue bedikos and may wear a colored garment, until the tevilla.


See Pischei Tshuva, Y:D 184:10 in the name of Even Shoham who permits tevila on the Onas Havest even though tashmish is forbidden. The Aruch Hashulchan ibid. is stringent.


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