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Yichud at Work

I am a single girl. During my last hour at work I am often alone with only one non-Jewish man in my room. In the whole office-in other rooms though-there is usually at least one other Jewish girl and at least one Jewish man. Usually there are two Jewish men, plus another three non-Jewish men.My room is always open and people come in and out. The outside door to the office is kept locked and we buzz people in.I would like to know at what point would I be in a problematic situation of yichud. Thank You.


As long as in the entire office there are enough people to save from yichud, you would be ok in your room, as everyone comes in and out. If there are 2 Jewish men present there is no problem of yichud. If there are 3 Jewish women there is no problem of yichud.

When there is one non Jewish man and one Jewish man, it is questionable if there is Yichud, so if there are other people around as well you can be lenient.

The potential problematic situation would be if there are only 2 women and only non Jews [even multiple].

[Jewish in this context refers to observant Jews]


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