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Cream of Tartar

E472e is obtained from tartar. Can we use baking mixture, which contains such a subtance?


Yes, tartar products may be used.

Cream of tartar is produced from the argols or white stone which is the reddish incrustation of crystallized cream of tartar upon the inner walls of wine vats during fermentation. These argols are removed from the walls with a torch. They are as hard and as dry as a rock. After this they are allowed to dry in open burlap bags (not plastic) for two to three years. They are then placed in a furnace of 800 to 900 degrees. At this point it complies with the halacha, according to the Darkei T’shuva and the Achiezer. After the argols are baked in a furnace, they are ground to powder form. Part of the powder is put into sulphuric acid and part into carbonate of soda. Then they are blended. The color is removed by carbon, it is filtered and then dried. The final product is a white powder that has no wine taste.
Calcium Tartarate is derived from the skins of grapes after the wine and alcohol have been removed. [from o.k.]

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