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Insurance Claim for Negligent Driver

my boss gave me a car to use for my summer job. I got into an accident, totally my fault and the cost to repair is 2000.
My boss chose to lay out the money and fix the car and wants me to pay the 2000.
I wanted him to file an insurance claim and have it covered. He’s concerned that his insurance will go up and he doesn’t want that.
Can I insist that he go thru insurance or am michuyav to pay.


This would depend on how we establish the understanding at the time of the deal which was not clearly specified. It would seem that anyone borrowing a car would assume it has insurance for very large damages, and otherwise would not borrow out the car. At the same time one would not lend out their car assuming for any little claim they may have to raise their insurance premium. 2000 dollars seems to be a small enough amount that there is no clear assumption that it was with the intent to use the insurance, and the borrower would have to pay. However if it was a worker using a company car, it would seem a worker assumes he is covered as he has to drive the car on a steady basis and doesn’t want the risk of accident costs. Perhaps this could be verified but it may be a standard that company cars cover their employees, and hence the agreement unless otherwise stated would include insurance coverage.

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