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Tshuva for past Sexual Sins


I have a question regarding a female baal teshuva doing repentance properly. If she did extensive teshuva to G-d regarding past sexual sins with boyfriends, is it necessary for her to reach out to these ex-boyfriends to ask for forgiveness from them too? I know we are not supposed to embarrass baal teshuvas – would this also include not embarrassing ourselves? Thanks.


Mutual acts of this nature are certainly sins that require teshuva. However, there was no sin against the other party. While facilitating their sinning was wrong, presumably they were active, willing partners. As such, she should move on and does not need to approach past partners.

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  1. What about for making them be oiver aveiros? she was oiver lifney eever if she encouraged them to sin, even if l’maaseh they did it willingly.! if so, she should still need to do a tshuva for bein adam lachaveiro also.

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