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Tenant Overseeing Repairs

The ap’t I rented has such problems that it is virtually un-inhabitable. The Ba’al HaBayit has agreed to pay for the שיפוץ. I gave up my summer taking care of the shiputz. Am I within my Halachik rights to expect and demand payment for the service I provided (which would have cost the Ba’al HaBayit a hefty sum),for my hours of supervision, my energies, etc.?


This is something which should have been clarified at the onset of the work. Often a Baal Dira is wiling to pay for repairs if the tenant is willing to take care of it. While this is less likely when it is major repairs, which generally the Baal Dira himself takes care of,it would depend on the agreement at the outset. After all if the ap’t was in such dire shape usually the renter won’t take it until the repairs are done.

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