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After Shmoneh Esrei Before Three Steps Back

What is the halocho when I finish my Shmoineh Esrei before someone standing behind me but within 4 amos?

1) Do I say oiseh sholoim without taking 3 steps back or can I only say it when stepping backwards once the person behind me has finished?

2) Can I answer a) boruch hu uvoruch shemoi; b) omein and c) moidim d’rabonon to chazoras haShatz?

3) Can I answer loudly as normal to Kedusha?

4) Is it considered that I have concluded my Shmoineh Esrei, for example, can I show my young son sitting next to me the place in the siddur?

With much appreciation.


Shmone Esrei is considered finished even if you have not yet taken 3 steps back. At this point you can answer bhuv”sh, amen, modim and kedusha normally. You can also show our son his place in the siddur. When you are able to, take 3 steps back and say oseh shalom.


Mishna Brura 122:4, 123:18, Shu”t Salmas Chaim 94, Siddur Hagra, note 33 at end of the siddur.

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