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Baruch Hashem Laolam by Maariv

My whole life I have been saying “Baruch Hashem Leolam” by maariv. I recently found out that my father”s minhag is to not say it. Can I stop saying it, and follow my father”s minhag?


Being that the widespread custom outside of Israel is to say this bracha, and that has been your practice, if you wish to stop you should do Hataras Nedarim to absolve your obligation. In our day and age very often the minhag of a person’s kehilla plays a stronger role than that of Minahg Avos. In times past people generally grew up and lived with extended family and minhag avos and minhag hamakom were the same. Now, when many live away from parents and family the kehilla often has a stronger impact on one’s customs. Nevertheless one who is careful to follow is father’s family customs would have the right to do so with this as well, with hataras nedarim.

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