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Carrying Phone on Shabbos in Times of Danger

There have been a number of stabbings in the vicinity of my home. May I carry a cellphone on shabbat in case if an emergency?


The benefit of carrying a weapon, pepper spray or the like is clear and permissible in the times of danger we find ourselves in. Cellphones are more questionable as to the benefit and have the problem of muktzeh. As such I would think no widespread ruling should or is being given to carry cellphones on Shabbos. One who feels he is in a particularly dangerous area or has to walk a long distance on Shabbos alone, or some other similar scenario may be justified in carrying a cellphone. The cellphone should be placed in one’s jacket pocket before Shabbos along with a non muktzeh item. When one returns home, the phone should be shaken out of the pocket in a safe place.

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