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Yichud at Work


I have a question about yichud in a situation where a jewish married man works with a non-jewish female secretary and sometimes another non-jewish female co-worker in a closed office where one has to ring before entering. What are the options if there are any and if his wife works with him part-time, would it make a difference? Thank you and tizkou lemitzvot!


One man with 1 or 2 women in a locked room is a problem of yichud. His wife being there only helps if she is in the room or has immediate access, not if she had to be buzzed in. To obviate the problem of yichud there are a number of possible solutions: leaving the door open or at least unlocked so that people can enter unannounced or give a few office members the key or code to enter unannounced. If there is video surveillance from the room streaming to a screen that is open to someone else, according to some opinions this is also considered shmira for yichud.

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