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Accidental Theft, Doubtful Theft

Hello, I would like to do teshuva on something that happened years ago. I was invited to a families home to stay over Shabbos and have meals there. On Friday night, after the meal, I woke up hungry and I helped myself to their pantry/food. The hosts never told me ‘feel free to help yourself’. Therefore I believed I acted in an improper way since I did not ask for permission to eat theirr food. I would like to contact this family however I do not remember their names and I am unsure if I would be able to find out their details. Can you please let me know how I can do teshuva in this senario?

2)  Can I please ask to shyla’s on how to do teshuva on the following:
When in seminary, there was a common area for the girls to hang up their laundry. I mistakenly took one girls stockings, that I thought were mine but I never gave them back to her or told her about it. I have tried to find the girls contact details/ name but have have not been successful in finding her details so I could ask forgiveness and repay for the stockings etc. How can I do teshuva?


In both scenarios it is very unlikely that those on the receiving end have grievance with you at this point. The food they likely were happy for you to take, and the stocking were a common, insignificant error. It would seem in both cases you do not have to seek out their forgiveness.

However, there may have been room for more awareness and sensitivity to other’s property at the time. So if any teshuva is warranted, it would be resolving to be careful with other’s property at all times.

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