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Tasting Meat

If I taste with my finger to see how pot of mashed potatoes and meat is doing. Does it make me fleishic?


If you swallowed some of the dish you would be fleishigs. If it was just put in your mouth but there was no chewing or swallowing you would not be fleishigs.


Rabbi Akiva Eiger Y:D (89:2) rules leniently concerning somebody who chewed meat without swallowing it, deriving from the Rema that one does not have to wait after chewing alone. Some authorities dispute this ruling and argue that one must wait after chewing alone (Peri Megadim 1; Gilyon Maharshak).

However, where neither reason for waiting six hours applies, there is no need for stringency. Therefore, somebody who merely tastes meat, without chewing or swallowing it, does not need to wait at all, and authorities dispute whether he even needs to wash out his mouth (see Pe’as Ha-Shulchan 20; Badei Ha-Shulchan 16).

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