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Difficulty Consummating Marriage

My wife and I have been married for 27 months. We have been unable to consummate our marriage. My wife is currently undergoing pelvic floor therapy. We have a few questions.

1) What are the halachic ramifications of using dilators?
2) are there any leniencies in general that can be applied given our situation?
3)2 days after having gone to the mikvah my wife had some bloody discharge on colored underwear as well as toilet tissue.
It was not a usual color of nidda blood-more red and not a flow- slightly larger than a penny. She was under a lot of stress at work that day unsure if it is related.
Would this render her a niddah?


A dilator may be used for treatment, it’s use generally does not pose any halachic issue. If it is used extensively, when you do consummate the marriage you may be exempt from the general assumption that a woman become a niddah from the first cohabitation on assumption that there is some blood from the hymen. This depends on the extent of the dilators and you should consult a Rav if and when this is pertinent.

Small stains on colored garment or on tissue used for wiping after the bathroom, would not render a woman a niddah.

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