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Skipping Tachanun

When davening in a minyan where the custom is to skip tachunun, should one follow the tzibbur or say tachunun individually? thanks


As long as the tzibbur is justified in skipping tachanun, based on an accepted minhag, one davening would follow the tzibbur and not say tachanun as well.

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  1. Some Chassidim do not say Tachanun at Mincha, ever. Rav Belsky shlit”a does not approve of this minhag, and says that one should say Tachanun by himself in a corner after davening, since there is no source for their so-called minhag to always omit Tachanun.

    1. i would think that hundreds of kehillos kedoshos not saying tachanun by mincha every day would constitute a source for this minhag

      The minhag of many Chassidish kehilos is not to say tachanun at mincha. This minhag is recorded in many Chassidic and Sefardic sources. A number of explanations are offered:

      1 they often daven until after shkiya, and according to many opinions tachanun may not be said after shkiya, so a blanket rule was instituted so as never to come to saying after shkiya, which in some kabbalistic sources danger is associated with this practice.

      2 tachanun by mincha requires intense concentration, which most people don’t have in the middle of their day

      3 after it is night in Israel tachanun should not be said even in other parts of the world

      Sefer Nimukei Orach Chaim, Shu”T Dvar Yehoshua Y:D 3:74, Zivchei Zedek siman 9 [minhag bagdad], Sefer Shulchan Hatohar Siman 22.

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