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Maaser Money for Therapy

Am I allowed to use maaser money to see a therapist to help better my marriage. There are no real issues that require immediate attention but there are definitely changes that can be made to make it better such as there are in every marriage. The sessions are expensive, way beyond what I can afford really, but feel they would really be beneficial.


Maaser money can’t be used to pay for therapy, which is intended for charity or in some cases to perform mitzvos.

However the obligation/custom to give Maaser is on ly after you have taken care of your own needs. If by taking care of your own needs this leaves you unable to give Maaser, you are in fact exempt from Maaser. There are some opinions that you can deduct such expenses from your income and take Maaser from what is left after your personal expenses. If this is possible you can rely on this, if otherwise you would be unable to give Maaser at all.

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