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Bracha on Soup

If one eats an instant soup containing noodles and/or dehydrated vegtebales. Or classic Chicken soup containing croutons.
Must he make seperate berachos on the noodels vegetables and croutouns.
If he must make seperate berachos can he, for example make mezonos on a spoonfull of croutons and soup and then make a shehakol on another spoon full of croutons on soup. Or must he specifaclly make mezonos on just croutons and shehakol on just soup.


If there is a large amount of noodles in the soup, as with instant noodle soups, the bracha is only mezonos. Regular soup with croutons added in would require 2 berachos, each should be made on that food by itself.

Vegetables added to a noodle or chicken soup are generally a small amount and considered secondary to the soup, and therefore do not require a bracha.

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