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Conversion Dilemma

Hi Rabbi, wonder if you could help me please. I have a huge dilemma and no idea what to do.
I have wanted to convert for years but couldn’t find work anywhere near a shul but kept looking but decided I would learn as much as I could myself so when I did get to convert it would be easier.
Then I met a Jewish guy online who offered to help me learn Hebrew which is going well. He wasn’t observant but really helpful, anyway to cut a long story short,hes slowly decided he wants to be observant again, goes to shul and says all the brachos, keeps kosher etc, hes really turned his life around which is all fabulous but heres the dilemma. We want to be together but I haven’t coverted yet so know we cant be – not had sex cos know we shouldn’t but how can I tell the Beth Din I am in love with a Jewish guy who wasn’t religious, is now and I still want to convert. I am scared they will think I only want to convert cos of him but that’s not the case.
If anything him helping me learn as much as I can has stirred something up in him and hes now religious.
Sorry it gets rather confusing
Thank you in anticipation


You should contact your local Orthodox Bais DIn and explain the whole situation. They will clarify the details, and if you are sincere and committed they will allow you to go through the conversion process.

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