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Freezer Becoming Muktza [Bosis]

Can a freezer become a Bosis, if the value of the muktzeh items are greater than the non-muktzeh. If so, can one open the door of such a frezzer or the door of the fridge which is attatched to the frezzer.


A freezer which is attached to a fridge will not become a bosis because of the permissible items in the fridge. Even a freezer itself would not be judged by the value of the items inside, but on their importance. So as long as there are usable non Muktza items in the freezer, it would not become a bosis.

In any event the freezer  door itself is not holding the muktzeh and would not be a bosis [Shalmei Yhonasan Vol. 3 Chapter 50 in the name of Rav Elyashiv].

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