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Hashgacha Pratis – Divine Providence

In Chulin 7b it says: “a person does not stub his toe unless it was decreed upon him on high.”

How is it known that this, and hashgacha pratis in general, is still applicable today?


The belief that Hashem knows, controls, and dictates every detail of existence in this world is one of the fundamentals of our faith. This belief is included in the Maimonidies famous 13 Principles of faith which are described in his commentary to the Mishna in Tractate Sanhedrin, Chapter 10, see principle 10 and 11. One of the principles there is that these principles along with the rest of the Torah are eternal and not subject to change, ever. In the Torah outlook this idea is a natural one. Once we understand that G-d is all powerful and unlimited in any way, and that He created this world and sustains it with a very specific plan and purpose in mind, it follows that He would not leave anything to happenstance, but rather utilize every moment and action in this world to fulfill that Master Plan.


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